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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

D-Gas Helps During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with many kinds of discomfort relating to our digestive system as well as all kinds of aches and pains. 

We will often hear women complaining of morning sickness, acidity, abdominal pain, cramps, burps, excessive gas and constipation. This is normal, pregnancy does uproot your digestive system it becomes essential for a women to take good care of her food her activity and her over all health as her body is experiencing a change and this change does cause discomfort.

The 1st and the 2nd trimester you will hear nearly every pregnant women complaining of morning sickness, acidity, gas and constipation this is because the digestive system is weak and she is not digesting her food properly. It is important for a woman to eat healthy and at regular intervals but along with this by consuming D-Gas capsules she is helping toughen her digestive system. 

D-Gas is made from all natural ingredients like cardamom, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, dill seeds, fennel seeds, ginger, and peppermint leaves all of these are absolutely harmless to consume when pregnant. Instead these ingredients will help her digest her meal better and help strengthen the digestive system which will take care of the acidity gas and constipation.

Along with good nutrition a pregnant women needs to keep herself active as being active will help a 15 minute walk daily will help you solve all your keep gas away simple workouts or indigestion issues. Eat well sleep well and eat D-gas to keep all your stomach issues away. For safety please do consult your gynecologist once before starting D-gas.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Benefits of Peppermint

For ages we have known that peppermint leaf is a fantastic mouth freshener, but it assists in digestion is something which has been understood by us lately. Peppermint is loaded with vital nutrients that have unlimited health benefits; it is highly advisable to consume some leaves daily in form of salad or as a tablet or in form of tea. Peppermint green tea is a well known digesting aid, for centuries we have seen Chinese Japanese and Koreans having pepper mint green tea after their meals but we realized it some years ago that this herb can do wonders for our body.

How pepper mint helps?
Here is the answer-
1. Helpful for digestion- this leaf has calming effects on the stomach muscles as well as abets as a digestive aid for fat digestion. The more you consume peppermint leaves in form of capsule or tea the faster it helps the food to move through the stomach. Peppermint has proved to be essentially helpful to relieve us from gas and stomach cramps.

2. Irritable bowel movements- will also be solved with the use of peppermint. In D-Gas one of our core ingredients is peppermint the mint in the capsule prevents acidity heartburn as it has a calming effect on your stomach muscles. Plus we have many studies that have proved how this capsule gives you instant relief from gas, diarrhea, bloating and indigestion. Peppermint is a wonder herb and D-Gas is a wonder drug which will help you sail smoothly the entire day.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Health Benefits of Cardamom

An all natural ingredient capsule that works as fast as an allopathic medicine and without any side effects, yes! We are talking about D-Gas; it is 100% vegetarian product.

Each natural ingredient is perfectly proportioned so that they can work individually to help you in your ailment.

One of the core ingredients of D-Gas is cardamom. A seed pod which has been used by Indian doctors and ayurvedic specialist for years. In the recent years doctors in America too have realized and proved the health benefits of this seed pod.
Cardamom belongs to the ginger family thus it is highly active in combating digestive problems.
1. It is used as a digestive tonic to help relieve indigestion
2. It helps in giving instant relief from gas and stomach cramps.
3. Aids in dealing with acidity heart burn and constipation
4. Cardamom helps the kidneys and the urinary bladder to flush the waste 
   out of our bodies.
5. It is a good detoxifier and high in antioxidants 
6. Being a pungent spice it helps in relief from cold, flu and excessive cough.
7. Recent studies have confirmed cardamom is also highly effective in 
    killing cancerous cells
8. Helps in reducing blood pressure.
9. Cardamom also works as a pain killer and has anti inflammatory properties.
10.Hiccups are caused due to indigestion for this too chewing on 
    cardamom will helps aid in digestion and in turn control your hiccups.

Monday, 18 August 2014

What makes D-Gas a Better Pill?

D-Gas is a natural and perfect solution for gas and indigestion. Each and every ingredients of D- Gas some amazing properties to contribute towards your health. D-Gas is natural and safe, as for years we have seen that natural products are definitely more beneficial that chemically made medicines. In recent times doctors too have realized the importance of natural and ayurvedic products to cure ailments. The most essential part of natural ingredients in medicine is that not only do they cure but also help in building our immune system stronger.

In India the use of capsules with natural ingredients have been going on for long but off late American doctors and medical institutions have also realized and accepted the importance of natural products to cure ailments.

Let’s answer some of your queries to help your understand D-Gas better.

1. Reasons for American doctors to accept and popularize D-GAS?
Ans - Because it is made from natural products thus it is completely harmless and with no side effects at all. Instead it will do wonders to your digestion system.

2. Why is D-Gas more effective than other products?
Ans- Because the ingredients it has are specifically for targeting indigestion and gas thus they will affect faster.

3. Why is D-Gas convenient?
Ans- It has all natural components so it can be consumed any time of the day, without any restrictions. Even if your symptoms of indigestion have just triggered, you can have it safely.

4. How else does D-Gas help?
Ans- Not only does it give you instant relief from gas and indigestion it also helps in improving your overall digestion. Having one pill a day is going to keep your stomach free of all ailments.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A 100% Natural- A 100% Effective

People are turning to natural and organic products-not because it is fashionable or politically correct-natural products have proven safe in the long-run with few side effects. Most manmade products bring up rude surprises after years of use-results that did not come in the 'comprehensive testing' phase.

Farmers in South America have recently returned to methods used during the Aztec and Inca times owing to depletion of the soil’s natural fertility as a result of years of artificial fertilizer use. Warnings are coming out all across the globe against use of artificially ripened fruits and synthetic colors used to give a fresh look to vegetables. Natural materials are now the most popular options for apparels and artificial coloring of clothes is banned in different countries replaced instead by dyes made out of plant extracts.

D-GAS is a 100% natural remedy for digestive disorders that are distracting, troublesome and at times intolerable. Gas can cause embarrassment to the sufferer and can put a strain on even close relationships.

Eastern Wisdom in a Bottle

The ingredients of D-GAS have been in use in eastern civilizations for centuries preventing digestive disorders. Mint, Fennel, Coriander, Cumin, Ginger, Cardamom and other totally natural D-GAS ingredients are part of the everyday cuisine in India, China, the Middle East and other eastern countries.

Fennel and Cumin are used in Indian curries to prevent indigestion. Fennel soaked in water is taken for acidity problems. Ginger is an effective remedy for nausea and motion sickness. Coriander not only aids digestion but is an anti-diabetic, is rich in Vitamin C and contains Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese and Zinc-rare minerals that are vital to our body’s normal functioning. 

D-Gas ingredients are indeed a part of daily food and quick yet effective home remedies in eastern countries today.

Modern Hygiene

Made in USA, D-GAS is produced in hygienic facilities using modern technology. Thorough research ensures the right mix of natural ingredients in quantities that are safe for everyone-children, young or old. Since D-GAS contains natural ingredients that the human body takes to readily, D-GAS can be ingested at any time.

Natural and proven ingredients mean that your body responds to the formulation almost instantly.

Safe and Sure, D-GAS is the unique and 100% natural formulation that you have been waiting for. Pick up a bottle today-enjoy health, comfort and peace of mind with D-GAS. Now you have the real energy for the more important and fun things in your life.