Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Benefits of Peppermint

For ages we have known that peppermint leaf is a fantastic mouth freshener, but it assists in digestion is something which has been understood by us lately. Peppermint is loaded with vital nutrients that have unlimited health benefits; it is highly advisable to consume some leaves daily in form of salad or as a tablet or in form of tea. Peppermint green tea is a well known digesting aid, for centuries we have seen Chinese Japanese and Koreans having pepper mint green tea after their meals but we realized it some years ago that this herb can do wonders for our body.

How pepper mint helps?
Here is the answer-
1. Helpful for digestion- this leaf has calming effects on the stomach muscles as well as abets as a digestive aid for fat digestion. The more you consume peppermint leaves in form of capsule or tea the faster it helps the food to move through the stomach. Peppermint has proved to be essentially helpful to relieve us from gas and stomach cramps.

2. Irritable bowel movements- will also be solved with the use of peppermint. In D-Gas one of our core ingredients is peppermint the mint in the capsule prevents acidity heartburn as it has a calming effect on your stomach muscles. Plus we have many studies that have proved how this capsule gives you instant relief from gas, diarrhea, bloating and indigestion. Peppermint is a wonder herb and D-Gas is a wonder drug which will help you sail smoothly the entire day.

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